Here are a few words from our satisfied customers.

Sweetshooter™ Gun Cleaner Feedback

Lewis Jordan
Houston, Texas 77043

It was a pleasure seeing again at the Pasadena Gun Show this past weekend. I was also pleased to be able to pick up some more of your treatment products also.

I didn't get to share with you the great results I had from using your products. I applied the treatment oil to a new S&W pistol before I took it to the range to shoot it in. While at the range, I follow the instructions and swabbed the barrel before and between each shot. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the barrel had not fouled, and clean up was accomplished with a dry rag to remove the "dust".

Pleased with those results, I treated an old 1911 Colt that I have put in excess of 5000 rounds through. The treatment brought a deep shine back to the frame and slide. Next trip to the range I swabbed the barrel with the oil between each shot. I experienced the same results as I had with the new pistol... no barrel fouling! Again, clean up was accomplished with a dry rag simply wipe off the "dust".

Bill, you have a great product that performs better than you suggested it would. I have begun treating all my fire arms and even my knives. If you ever have a skeptical customer that finds it hard to believe your treatment oil will work well, have them call me!

Bill D Thornton
South Padre Island, TX

I just received my new statement of Sweetshooter. I appreciate the quick service as I can't do without it. I use it on all of my guns, knives, tools, lawn mowers, bicycles and autos. Now that hunting season is almost here I'll need it most every weekend.

PS I swear that after I rub down my guns with the Sweetshooter my arthritis is better.

Richard Huston
President and Builder
Wolf River Knife Works

I first used the dry film lubricant, known as Sweetshooter about two years ago in 1994. I had read an article in the North American Hunting Magazine about this amazing product. I am a skeptic towards most new items to begin with, so I was a bit leery.

I met Bill England and company for the first time at a gun show and let him explain to me just how to achieve the best possible results from Sweetshooter on the custom knives that I make.

Needles to say, I was really amazed and firm believer in this product. I have now used Sweetshooter on other items besides my knives since then. I am constantly asked by my customers about the product I used and they immediately want to know where they may acquire some for their own usage.

I am a firm believer in this amazing product and will personally recommend it to any one! I personally give Sweetshooter a #10 thumbs up rating for efficacy in delivering what is claims to do! I personally will continue it's use in my business!

Tom Bullard
Knife Maker
Comfort, TX

I make custom knives and I have been using Sweetshooter on them and thought you might be interested in the different ways I use it.

I have been using it to keep my knives wiped down between the shows I do each weekend. I also use it during the shows to wipe off fingerprints the customers leave on them. In the past the acid and oils from the had been a problem. I use .01 tool steel or 1095 carbon steel, both of which rust. I haven't had any problems with my knives rusting. It does a real good job.

I just finished a hatchet today. I was preparing to heat treat it and after I polished it I wiped it with Sweetshooter to take the fingerprints off before putting it in the oven. This proved to be very helpful.

I have also used it for cleaning my Arkansas stones after I sharpen knives with them. It does a fantastic job cleaning those stones. I sell the Arkansas stones and Sweetshooter really works good in cleaning.

I am impressed with your product so if you would send me some brochures I would like to pass them out to my customers. I know they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Mrs Pamela Rodriguez
Newalla, OK

I am housewife with a husband that enjoys firearms. Whenever he purchases a new gun or rifle, the first thing he does when he brings it home is to apply Sweetshooter on every metal part of the piece. He has been using this product for a couple of years and we tell all of our friends, that have firearms, about your product. Our 19 year-old son is into Civil War Re enacting and he uses Sweetshooter on his rifle and also on his sword and bayonet.

When my husband is satisfied with a product such as your Sweetshooter, it makes life a little better and the only we find is keeping enough around. We visit gun shows frequently hoping to see one of your displays. Unfortunately, we don't see it often enough. Here's hoping to see your display soon.

Jorge Echevarría
Carolina, Puerto Rico

I used Sweetshooter on my Walther PPK just as directed. It really cleaned it well. I did not have a chance to shoot it right away, but I was impressed with how it felt lubricated but DRY! It has been several months now and it simply does not collect dust. It is still stored in its holster in the same place and I had to clean it every 2 weeks because of dust accumulation before treating it with Sweetshooter.

My friend treated his 367 Magnum Ruger and couldn't get over being able to store it dry. He wiped it down several times then buffed with a soft cloth and put it away. He thought his gun was clean when he started but after Sweetshooter the patch was showing even more grime.

Down here in Puerto Rico where it s most humid and the salt air is so corrosive to metal I am really pleased with it. The gun seem to not be affected at all. By the way I used it on my fishing reel and it casts like a bullet now.

Gerald Bonner
Arlington, TX 76003

I recently purchased some of your Sweetshooter Gun Treatment and have found that it is even better than you said it would be.

I have disassembled a Glock handgun, and one of my shotguns and cleaned the gun according to your instruction. After 5 treatments of the gun, there is a noticeable slick finish to the outside frames as well as internal components, but rather than an oily finish, the slickness is dry and apparently will not build up with powder residue and dirt like some of the old style cleaners and lubricants I have used in the past.

When cleaning my shotgun I noticed that the bore was cleaned with one pass of the Sweetshooter rather than multiple passes which had been required with Hoppe bore cleaner. Following the cleaning, the container bottom which had been used to dip the components was covered with grime and dirt which obviously had come from the components although had been visible before cleaning.

At this point, I am very pleased with Sweetshooter, and that is why I returned to purchase a quart so that I can treat all of my guns as soon as possible. Sweetshooter does work.

Thank you for making my gun cleaning easier with a great product.

Mike Seley
Tyler ,TX

I purchased a pint of your Sweetshooter in September 1994. I followed your directions for cleaning and treating my Remington Model 7 before hunting season began in '94. To test your product I did not clean this gun until hunting season closed in January '95. After 2 1/2 months of hunting deer, hogs and turkey, in all kinds of weather I must say that I was quite impressed with the results of your Sweetshooter Gun Treatment. While I do not recommend not cleaning a firearm during extended use, I can report that no rust was found anywhere on this gun - even after being wet several times during this period. Now that the 95-96 hunting season is at the end I am using Sweetshooter on all of my personal firearms and will recommend your product to anyone. (I now stock it in my store.)

Randall Langley
Adair, OK

I live out in the country on a cattle ranch and like everybody else up in this part of the country, I've got too many guns. One of the guns I have is a Ruger 22 pistol, one of the stainless steel bull barrel models. After you shoot it a couple of thousand times without cleaning it, it gets to where it doesn't work very well. I had a Q-tip and one of your sample bottles of Sweetshooter and while watching TV one night I dipped the end of the Q-tip in it and thought, well, this is the gunshow stuff, I'll just see if it really works. I started dabbing the wet Q-tip on the breach and before I knew it, after about two dipping's in this little bottle, I had cleaned the whole breach action and the rear of the barrel where the powder build-up is and the darned thing was as clean as if it were brand new. I went a little further and after using about a third of the bottle I had cleaned all of the pistol. I finally decided that was the best stuff I'd ever used.

You don't really think that something from a gunshow in a little bottle could be that good a cleaner, penetrant and lubricant. I guarantee you I was impressed!

I also have an Accro_match .45 (it's made by Canyon State Firearms, Mesa, Arizona) and it was Lubricated with some other kind of petroleum based product from the factory. After I shot it a few times the action slowed down just a little bit. I thought, well, we'd just go to the house and try this stuff out on it. So, I completely delubricated it from what was on it with your Sweetshooter and I treated the gun according to the instructions on your flyer. I treated the gunback and swabbed the barrel with it and I've probably shot it about 750 to 800 round now. About the only thing I'm doing is running a swab through the barrel about every 3 boxes of shell to clean it. It seems like it has done everything your little flyer says it'll do and then some.

It has really tickled me and I hope you have a lot of good luck with the product. I would recommend it to anyone and especially to the police department for protection in adverse conditions. I will tell you that I had left one of the sample bottles in Chevrolet pickup in the ashtray and went off to the plant. When I came out it had been 9 degrees overnight. I just knew it would be frozen however, I can tell you it still works at 9 degrees Fahrenheit because I saw it with my own eyes.

A friend of mine and I went mountain lion hunting in one of the canyons up here when the temperature was 21 degrees below zero. We had been losing some cattle and decided we needed to do something about it. Now my friend is WD-40 crazy. I sear he puts it on everything. Of course, you know what happens to WD-40 at those temperatures..it congeals. He has a 375 H&H magnum on a 364 Winchester, bolt action set-up. He had cleaned and oiled it down with WD-40. You know how WD-40 is, it'll run into every crack there is. It ran down the firing pin shroud on that 364, right down in front of the pin and was laying in the bottom part of the housing where it goes from the larger portion of the pin to the smaller portion. We got in the canyon and about that time a great big coyote jumped up. I said, "Go ahead and shoot him with 375 and lets see what'll happen". You've got to realize that we had walked back into this canyon and were using him for the number one killer because he had that 375 with him. He hits the trigger on that thing and the firing pin didn't even move. The WD-40 had congealed in the bottom and it didn't even dent the primer. That's the problem with conventional lubricants. Jim needs to know that we are not going to go back into that canyon again unless he treats it with Sweetshooter so it'll fire every time.

Anyway, thanks again and am looking forward to receiving the gallon I just ordered.

Jack Lisiecki
Oklahoma City, OK

Recently, I ordered 8 ounces of your Sweetshooter product. After using the product as instructed, I am very impressed with the results. Sweetshooter makes the drudgery of post-shooting cleanup a thing of the past. Powder residue and fouling will usually wipe out of the bore with a few passes of a Sweetshooter saturated bore mop. In addition, my .220 Swift has shown no signs of copper fouling for the past 100 rounds. Getting rid of copper fouling was an aggravating chore that was hard on me and the rifle. My overall group size was reduced from 3/4 inches to slightly over 3/8 inch at 100 yards - unbelievable!

The free samples I received from Tecrolan were quickly distributed after other shooters at the rifle range saw the results of your product. Although the process of using Sweetshooter is somewhat tedious, I believe the benefits far out weigh the tedium.

Dr Joseph K Kissane

I first heard of your product in the North American Hunter magazine. I used Sweetshooter in my rifle and shotgun. I am very impressed with this product. I noticed an increased in velocity in my rifles and it eliminated the lead fowling in my shotgun. They are cleaner now than what they were when new, and they operate much smoother. I was amazed at how after shooting 10-15 rounds, I would run a patch through the bore, and it would come out almost perfectly clean.

When I tried Tecrolan in my 1989 Nissan, I noticed that the engine now runs cooler and it turns over faster when starting.

Thank you very much for an exceptional product.

E.M. Taylor, M.D.
Denton, TX

Your claims on the merits of Sweetshooter as a pistol cleaner/lubricant were just outrageous enough to get me curious. So, I sent you several guns to be treated, knowing there was NO way you could live up to your advertising claims.

I was wrong!

My semi Autos worked perfect! After firing a full clip through the gun, I ran a clean patch through the barrel -- there were no stains or residue on the patch. I then shot several more clips and ran another clean patch thought the bore: Still clean! Incredible! The outside of the gun does not even retain fingerprints after it's been treated.

This apparently is a major breakthrough in gun cleaning/conditioning and is the best I've ever seen. Good luck in spreading the word. I'll certainly recommend it to all shooters.

Billy Whitten
San Antonio

I met you last weekend at the Houston Astrohall Gun Show and purchased some of your Sweetshooter. I also purchased a new Para-Ordinance P-10 S/S. When I arrived home, I followed the directions and coated my new gun 5 times. Next day I went to the range, and following directions, coated the barrel 20 times. I ended up shooting 100 rounds. Then I took a rag and bore brush dipped with Sweetshooter and ran down the barrel a few times. It was very clean. I then took the same cloth that was treated with Sweetshooter and wiped the gun clean, that was it. The soot at the end of the barrel just wiped right off, the job was finished in less than a minute. Went home and proceeded to coat and clean all my guns. GOOD STUFF.

Thanks for the demonstration in Houston!

Barry McHenry
McHenry & Associates
Fort Worth, TX

I just wanted to send you my comments on your product, Sweet Shooter. A friend of mine told me about the product about a year ago. At the time I didn't give it to much thought.

A while later we were both at a gun show and saw Sweet Shooter being sold at one of the booths. Again my friend told me how much he liked the product I have to admit I was pretty skeptical about his claims and your advertisement. He was so adamant about me buying some that he said that if I didn't like it he would buy what I didn't use: You can't beat a deal like that so I bought a can not really expecting anything exceptional.

Since using the product I have joined the ranks of supporters of your product. It's probably the best thing I have ever used on my guns. After applying Sweet Shooter clean up after firing is a breeze. It's almost too easy. I like it so much that I bought a quart container and gave it to another of my friends. I knew he would be even more skeptical than I was and would not purchase it on his own, even if I offered to buy what he didn't use.

James W. Ritter
Fort Worth, TX

I've been using Sweetshooter for about two years now and think it's great. The gems I've treated feel smooth and slick and I can find no evidence of Sweetshooter wearing off during normal holster wear and normal handling.

I have a novel way of treating my handguns. I remove the grips and dunk the guns in Sweetshooter slosh them around a bit, take them out and let them drain, then hang them in my oven from a paper clip hook that 1 hook in the trigger guard and over the oven rack. I set the oven on low and go about my business. I had been doing them around 200 degrees, but as you said, that is a bit too hot.

I have also treated the bores of several rifles by soaking a patch swabbing the bore, leaving it moist and firing a round. I repeat this process several times. I have noticed that these treated guns are significantly easier to clean. I'm such a lousy shot that I don't notice tighter groupings, but I'll bet I'm getting higher velocities!

Great Product!

Chuck Iannaci

First off, I would like to thank you for your wonderful product...... So much simpler to use, especially for a neophyte like myself. Half the cleaning paraphernalia was thrown away after understanding the Tecrolan mentality. But let me start at the beginning. My wife, age 50, had never handled a gun, let alone a GLOCK 19 semi-automatic (I have now purchased for her). I was determined to get her qualified for Conceal and Carry. We went to the range, before I purchased her Clock 19 or my own Clock 17. I was determined to familiarize her with semi-automatic weaponry, so that she could carry either a pistol or semi. The first experience was a disaster. The Firing Range's Clock 17 keep stove- piping and jamming. I seated lire IreCI out other. I went on to get my license, and it took a whole other year to convince her to even try again. By this time, I had my own gun. Naturally, I kept my Clock 17 in tiptop shape. Never malfunctioned..... Within three months I purchased for her a ported Clock 19 (that you were so kind to clean for us at the Fort Worth Gun Show) Needless to say, she qualified for her Conceal and Carry with a 235 out of a possible 250. With ranges of45feet, 221 feet and 9 feet. She beat many of the men in her class. This from a woman who wouldn't go near a gun for some 50 years. It was the RELIABILITY of the gun that converted her. Since that time, we fire some 300 to 500 rounds a WEEK. The guns NEVER foul or jam, thanks to our dedicated cleaning with your product (Sweetshooters).

We ordered more from you last week, so that we can soak the gun thoroughly. I would recommend that everyone purchase the two cans......it makes it so simple to clean, submerge etc., and it never seems to evaporate....,.so two cans seem like they last forever.

Please accept our sincere gratitude, for I feel you have contributed to my wife's security in a glowingly insecure society.

Russell Hollandworth
Coweta, OK

Impressed. Yes I was. After treating my 7mm mag Ruger with Sweetshooter. My group size at 100 yards went from 1 1/2" to holes touching each other. Clean up time on my rifle is quick and easy now. No more solvents, copper cleansers and oils. I just use Sweetshooter. I also treated my 270 Savage because we had a rust problem in foul weather. After treating his rifle. There [was] net one sign of rust after several days of hunting in rain and snow. I would recommend this product highly.


Tecrolan Engine Treatment in Automobiles

Richard M. - Sugar Land, TX

I want to tell you how happy I am with your product in my 199 Chevy 1-ton Van.

I treated the engine almost two years ago at 130,000 miles. Before treatment, I was getting abut 11 1/2 mpg average; and, after treatment, I am getting about 13 mpg average. The treatment paid for itself in just a few months in gas costs alone. As I pointed out to you, my temperture gauge is rather sensitive to changes in outdoor conditions, such as a very large drop when driving into a cloudy area and has alwas been somewhat low anyway. Even so, I noticed the needle to be ower by at least 10-20 degrees.

Several months ago I also treated the automatic transmission.

I now have 200,000 miles with no indications of abnormal wear or pending engine problems. I should point out that I do not believe in 3,000 mile oil changes; if the oil won't last 6-10,000 miles under mixed city and highway driving, I don' buy that oil. Also, the engine has been abut 80,000 miles since its last tuneup and still shows no sign of fouling even though it burns about two quarts of oil between changes, the smae as before treatment.

In the next year or so, I plan to be changing to a newer, larger van; and I will use your product immediately on all the moving parts.

Fay Campbell - Alvarado, TX

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic product, Tecrolan. It is truly a great product.

I am a retired tool engineer from General Dynamics and I fill up my tank about once a week. I need to watch every penny in order to survive in today's economy.

When I heard about the claims of Tecrolan I was a bit skeptical because everything on the shelf in parts houses and discount stores say they will do exactly what your advertising says your product will do.

I am here to tell you I have found that everything you claim in your advertising is right on target. I put Tecrolan in my 1991 Ford Escort when it had 31,623 miles on it. I noticed a difference in the fuel economy in the first tank of gas. I was gratified to find a 4 mile per gallon increase.

My car now has 40,840 miles on it and the savings have consistently been there. I figured it up and the product gives me about 40 miles more per tankful.

Thomas Edling

I have been keeping records on my 1996 Chevrolet 3500 Crew Cap Fleetside Pickup which was totally treated with Tecrolan engine treatment. My truck has a Vortec 5700 V8 SF1 engine with a 4.10 rear axle ratio. I treated the truck with Tecrolan at 8972.5 miles on 9-20-96.

As with any new truck you try to take care of it but as the new wears off, your foot gets heavier and heavier. This truck has been put through hard stop and go traffic in the city and fast running on the open road, along with towing jeeps out to the deer lease. I have seen an increase in mileage from 10% to 19% on similar trips. Remember we are looking at a 4 door long wheel base 1 ton heavy built truck with a 4.10 rear axle with the small gas engine. It is getting good mileage for the type of condition I have put it through. By the way, I buy the cheapest 87 octane gas I can get.

These are the numbers I have to date and I will send more results later.

Robert Hutson
Houston, TX

It is a pleasure to be able to recommend "Tecrolan" and "Sweetshooter" after using both products for a number of years. I have Tecrolan in all of my cars, that includ an Infinity Q-45, Ford Windstar, Chevrolet Blazer and Honda Accord. In addition, I also have it in a Honda 4-Wheeler and lawnmower. Performance and economy is always improved by treating the vehicles, plus the added value of a longer engine life and protection, should the engine overheat or run low of oil. Just the comfort level of having this added protection is well worth the price.

I also use Sweetshooter on all of my guns, and any tools that need rust protection. If treated properly the risk of rust is virtually eliminated. As you are aware, the humidity in Houston is high the year round and untreated metals will sometimes rust in only a few hours. The use of Sweetshooter will eliminate this in addition to providing a dry lubricant film.

The best of luck to you in the continued success of your company with these fine products.

Mrs. M.E. Lawson
Ft. Worth, TX

Please let me thank you for making such a terrific product. We have a 1989 Ford Escort with a 4 cylinder engine in it. It is a small car but we wanted something economical.

We decided to treat it with Tecrolan in our next out of town trip. It had 4,000 miles on it when we started from Port Isabel to Fort Worth, Texas. We had been getting 32 to 35 mpg. On our return trip, the mpg had increased to 40 mpg. We were very pleased.

It now has 41,000 miles on it and we just took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. We carried 4 people (two very heavy) and all our luggage. We drove 420 miles on 11 gallons of gasoline. That's 38.18 mpg. We thought pulling those mountains with that little engine hauling such a load would really take it's toll on fuel economy, but I think 38 mpg is A-OK!

I wish we had treated the cooling system and the transmission as well. If you will send me a price list, I will order. Again, thank you so much for a good product.

Troy Piland
HealthTrac, Inc.
Brentwood, TN

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Tecrolan Engine Treatment. I put it in a 1991 Ford Explorer with 23,000 miles on it. As you know, I was very skeptical and as a matter of fact really doubted whether or not the product would perform the way you said it would. However, I was very pleased when I noticed that the amount of miles that I got to a tank of gas has increased by almost fifty miles per tankful. I can get an extra 50 miles per tankful of gas... I'm impressed!

After I noticed that, I started paying attention to the gauges and the car's overall performance. The temperature dropped, it starts much easier and turns over faster, and from the time it was brand new, the transmission has never shifted as smoothly as it does now.

If I can be of any service to you as far as telling people what the product did for my car, feel free to call on me.

Marvin Hoskins
Mineral Wells, TX

I first came across the TECROLAN product line when I was asked to produce some advertising products for the firm of TECROLAN, INC., the manufacturer of Tecrolan. I was impressed with the sincerity of the management as I studied their product line in order to accomplish my assignment task, I became more interested in having my car treated.

I am the ether skeptic. I have had lots of "good deals" offered to me in my lifetime and few, if any, made my life better. My 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue is not a well-maintained car. It is the family 'taxi,' driven by three families up to a hundred miles daily. The engine had over 115,000 hard miles on it and burned a quart of oil about every 400 miles or so.

I asked them if their Tecrolan products would work on my car. We decided that it could not possibly do anything but help. Personally knowing the good people at TECROLAN and trusting their word, I put practically their entire product line into my car.

After the Tecrolan treatment, I didn't even drive my car until it had about 1100 miles on it and had practically forgotten about the whole thing. While taking the family out for a drive on a hot day with temperatures over 100 degrees, I noticed my temperature gauge showing that the engine was running much cooler than normal! Then I remembered that you had said that the engine would run cooler due to the reduced friction.

As time went by, I began noticing other other good things. My car runs better in every way. The motor is much quieter and has improved performance. The transmission, which slipped before, now shifts fine and I will not have to replace [it] as I had previously planned. The car uses less oil now, or certainly seems to, for it now gets somewhat more than 1000 miles before additional oil is needed. I honestly feel that I am also getting considerably better gas mileage. All five drivers who use this car, other than myself, have also noticed the improvement.

Somebody has finally made a product that works! I can recommend this product to anyone and would be glad to talk to anyone concerning it. Keep up the good work, Tecrolan, and thanks!

Dwaine Reese
Marketing Development Manager
Sugar Land, TX

As we discussed, we ran your Tecrolan product on the Lacey Stuffing Bocle test. In this test, weight is applied to a ball rubbing on a rotating bearing race partially submerged in the diesel being tested. Three thousand grams normally accepted, by the oil industry as being a good lubricity number.

With your additive, I started with a diesel that had a 1600 gram lubricity number which is extremely poor. After adding your Tecrolan product to it lubricity went to 3400 grams which is very good considering the low starting point of 1600 grams. Most low sulfur diesels have beginning lubricities in the 2300-2500 range. We got an 1800 gram improvement with Tecrolan. If we had started with a higher beginning lubricity, which most low sulfur diesels have 2300-2500, we would have substantially exceeded 4000 grams. A lubricity number greater than 3000 is recognized by the industry to give good fuel pump injector protection.

Although we did not do engine testing which would require a lot of time and money, I feel you would see a substantial improvement in the area of internal engine friction. The above test addresses fuel pump wear.

Renee Duane
Mt. Vernon, WA

I would like to take a moment to thank you and to let you know about the wonderful results that I had with the Tecrolan Liquid and Tecrolan Gear Lube.

On March 2, 1993, my 1987 Ford Ranger four-wheel drive with 108,600 miles failed our state Emission Test. The Hydrocarbon level was too high (See the Test Report). Yesterday, per your instructions on the telephone and in the application guide, I added 14 ounces of Tecrolan Liquid in increments to the crankcase while the engine was running and 4 ounces to the cooling system. A slight reduction in engine noise was noticed. I then added 4 ounces in each of the two fuel tanks. I drove the vehicle 86 miles one way (you instructed 100!). At that point I added 18 ounces of Tecrolan Gear Lube in increments to my crankcase with the engine running. I then headed back to my home.

The difference in the engine sound was incredible! It was like we were in a luxury car with expensive insulation! Our driving/test route took us over the Cascade Mountain on Interstate 90 from Seattle to Roslyn, WA. The difference in power and performance was very noticeable along with a lower operating temperature--especially noted on our trip up and over the pass!

This afternoon, I took my truck in for the second emission testing. And it passed! Note the results and the difference on the attached Test Reports. For me to have prepared my truck the traditional way to pass the test would have included a full tune-up costing over $240.00 along with the inconvenience of having my truck in the shop for an entire day. With Tecrolan, I have not only treated my truck, but also saved money.

I also plan to treat the manual transmission and differential with the Tecrolan Gear Lube in the very near future. It is a rare event that we find a product that works as advertised.
Thanks again.

Graham Stuckey
Austin, TX

I own a 1981 Cadillac with 157,000 miles on it. At 154,000 miles I changed the oil and added one quart of Tecrolan Engine Treatment, lubrication. The engine was shot anyway.

Prior to adding your treatment the engine used a quart of oil every 400-500 miles and had a slight smock. It is now as smooth running as a new car.

I have since driven over 3,000 miles and it has used less than a quart of oil. Interestingly the oil is still clean like new oil.

Being a lifelong auto enthusiast, I have tried every oil additive that has some out, STP, Magic Mystery Oil, Slick 50 plus many exotic additives not well known. Nothing has even come close to the improvement provided by Tecrolan(tm).

It will be interesting to see how long the old engine will last now.

Dr Michael Robinson
Ft Worth, TX

Have you ever tried Tecrolan Engine Treatment on a seven-day-old bologna sandwich? Well, frankly I haven't either, nor do I intend to, but the way his stuff works on everything else I have used it on, it would probably be one impressive snack. Let me give you a rundown of the wide variety of applications and results that I have seenn with your spectacular elixir.

Initially, I was reluctant to buy anything other than the smallest of vials of your Tecrolan Sweetshooter for a trial run on a few handguns; well I figured that if it didn't work (and it probably wouldn't) I had only lost the price of a corny dog. That was maybe a year ago, and to date I have treated every firearm from Remington shotguns to vintage German Lugers, from Glocks to Daisy BB guns. The stuff flat works. Cleanup is easier because there is no oil residue to attract grit and grime, no fingerprints on highly polished finishes, smoother autoloader operation, and as far as these hands are concerned tighter patterns on the firing range. Not bad for a can of blue liquid.

Okay the Sweetshoter works great on firearms, but how about the Tecrolan Engine Treatment? I've got a bunch of tools and toys around here with a wide variety of two and four cycle engines. still skeptical, I decided to start with something small and relatively inexpensive...my new lawnmower. It normally takes me one full tank of gas and an hour to mow my front yard. After adding your engine treatment, fuel economy improved so dramatically that I now mow the front and back yards on less than a single tank of gas. Unfortunately, the time required is the same. Pleased with the result, I treated my blower, weed trimmer, and a 25 year old edger. Across the board, the results are the same...more hours of operation n the same amount of fuel, easier starting, smoother and quieter operation. It is quite obvious that your product provides a significant reduction in friction between moving parts.

Now I was ready to get serious with this stuff. My next guinea pigs were my wife's Ford Explorer with 65,000 miles and brand new Toyota 4X4. Results...fantastic. Mileage on the Explorer jumped from a best ever 19 mpg to a consistent 23 mpg tank after tank. Same story with the Toyota, my city ileage is actually better than the factory rating for highway economy. And with both, the engines now have a much silkier sound and less mechanical noise.

But there was ine final test your product had to pass before I would get excited. Could Tecrolan improve the performance of the engine in a Porsche 911 Turbo? YES!!! ramatic improvements in fuel economy and power. For example prior to Tecrolan, freeway economy at 65 mph was under 20 mpg. After Tecrolan, sustained speed of 80 mph for 100 miles with over 21 mpg average, sustained speed of over 100 mph for one hour with over 20 mpg average. And fuel consumption under full throttle racing conditons soared from 5 mpg to 9.5 mpg!

Sufice it to say "I love your Tecrolan Engine Treatment and Sweetshooter." And come to think of it, I think I'll go see what is left in my son's lunch box!


Tecrolan Engine Treatment in Aircraft

Quinn Boyd
El Paso, TX

I want to tell you about the results of using Tecrolan in my Spartan executive aircraft with a 450 HP Pratt & Whitney engine.

I removed the front spark plugs so that I could use a hand plunger type squirt can to squirt tecrolan into the cylinders. Being a radial engine, only the upper cylinders received an adequate amount of Tecrolan. The others received a questionable amount of Tecrolan. I put the recommended amount into the new oil change plus the gasoline.

I then flew it for about 40 minutes. By the time I landed, I could see that the amount of oil on the windshield and wing roots was less than before. I cleaned the exterior of the engine and aircraft. The next day, I flew it for an hour and could tell that the blow by that was going out the front of the engine around the propeller shaft was at least 80% less than before the treatment. I have since put about ten more hours on it and the blow by is about 90% less. The engine has over 1,200 hours on it and is using about one quart of oil an hour compared to about one quart and a quarter before.

My only reason for using this treatment was to see if I could get rid of the objectionable blow by that made the engine cowl, wings and windshield dirty with oil streaks. Tecrolan has done a good job and I'm very pleased with the results.

Tom Migel
At Cloud, FL

Last year I bought a engine kit for my 0320 Engine. #4 cylinder was down to 60 LBS, but after 1 quart in the crank case and 1 hour flying; The cylinder was up to 73 LBS and climbing!!

Tecrolan saved me a cylinder pull and many dollars. I would highly recommend this product anytime.

Edward Earp, Jr.
Houston TX

I own a Fairchild PT-23 powered with a Continental W670-6A seven cylinder 220 HP radial engine.

Because of a new center section being built and my illness, the engine had been run less than two hours during the past four years. The prop was pulled through a few times every six to eight weeks.

Because of sticking rings, the compression was low in all cylinders. Very poor. I was facing a very expensive ring job.

I noted your ad in Trade-A-Plane proclaiming the wonders of TECROLAN for freeing up sticking rings.

Considering the expense before me for a ring job, the ad seemed too good to be true. Anyway, for about a hundred dollars for TECROLAN treatment for my engine, I had everything to gain and nothing to loose. Good odds.

When my order arrived, I noted the instruction listed 82 aircraft engines that TECROLAN is recommended for, not one of which was a radial engine. Not only that, there was no way I could follow the recommended pre treatment of TECROLAN to my radial engine prior to running.

Once again, I figured the Blue Bird of Happiness had crapped all over me.

Thinking I was in for a big let-down, I went ahead and put the required amount of TECROLAN on the oil tank and 4 oz. in the 22 gallon left wing tank.

Now here comes the good part of all this. After shooting touch and go's and just flying around for one hour and forty-five minutes, my radial HAS COMPRESSION LIKE NEW!!!

Pulling the prop through is difficult on all cylinders. My RADIAL engine HAS EXCELLENT COMPRESSION ON ALL CYLINDERS. I am much pleased with your product TECROLAN. TECROLAN saved me about $3000! It pissed off two mechanics, but at the same time it sure tickled the hell out of my wife!

Thomas Migel
St. Cloud, FL

Just a note to tell you how well your Tecrolan worked for me.

I used your treatment on my IO-520 in my Beachcraft which has 3 cyls of 62, 24, 67,. They are ALL now 72, 75, 77!

This treatment saved me $4,500 parts and labor. The $100 was well worth it!

Please send me info on your Lan Kit. I have a car that needs it.

Thanks again for your treat product and feel free to use this letter any way you wish for a testimonial on your product