Tecrolan's Harley Engine Treatment

Tecrolan's Harley Engine Treatment first cleans, then impregnates the metal surface by filling in the pores to form a micro-thin film, thereby reducing engine friction to a minimum.

Years ago, the new frontier of aerospace posed new lubrication problems. Conventional oils and greases would not perform in the extremely cold temperature of space. Dry film technology was then adapted to more earthly lubrication problems.

Tecrolan is not an oil so it can be used where more conventional lubricants are ineffective or impossible.

Dryfilm metal treatment increases fuel economy 10%.

Increases engine life 50%.

A superior high-tech lubricant that prevents rust and corrosion.

Reduces emission pollution

Reduces heat and frinction that robs equipment of performance

Withstands high temperatures

Treating your Motorcycle

Small Engines:


Add 2oz to regular oil/fuel misture(FULL tank) and run engine unitl tank is nearly dry. Repeat if necessary until metal is treated.


Add 2oz per galloon to FULL tank plus 6-8oz in crankcase depending on C.C. Run engine for a minimum of 60 minutes.

Large engines:


125cc requires1oz in fuel, 4oz in crankcase.

125-750cc requires 2oz in fuel, 6oz in crankcase.

650-1500cc requires 4oz in fuel, 12oz in crankcase.

NOTE: Tecrolan added to fuel requires a full tank.

NOTE: Tecrolan added to crankcase requires fresh oil, engine cool and then running for at least 1 hour after adding Tecrolan is added to the crankcase.