Prevents Fouling.
No more soaking.
No more immediate cleanup.
No more rust.
No more corrosion.
No more lead deposits.
No more copper deposits.
No more carbon deposits.
Reduces heat.
Smooother action.
Improved accuracy.
Extends barrel life.
Easier cleanup.
Reduces jamming.
Extends Your Gun's Life!

If you hunt, target practice or collect firearms, you need Sweetshooter™ treatment!

Sweetshooter™ Gun Cleaner is a metal treatment that cleans, lubricates and protects your guns, fishing gear, tools and more!

Prevents rust, fouling and corrosion!

Rust and corrosion need air to grow. With Sweetshooter's™ micro-thin protective film, air can no longer reach the surface of the metal.

With the pores filled with Sweetshooter™, powder residue, leading and fouling are a thing of the past. There will be no place for those harmful deposits to collect except on the SURFACE of the film. Simply wipe it off!

Note: Sweetshooter™ will look dull on parkerized finishes. Rub some hand lotion into your hands, then massage the gun to bring back the luster.
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 Directions for treating your Gun
Shooting Gallery
S.A.S.S. 32oz KIT
Includes: Sweetshooter™ 32oz, Metal Polish, Slide Lube, Magic Brick, Metal Wire Brush, Steel Wool, Drying Rack, Stainless Stell Basin and lid.
Don't forget to treat your KNIVES, Fishing tackle and tools, too!

Knives:  Go through the same cleaning process. Wet the blade FIVE times with Sweetshooter™, drying thoroughly between each application. No need to worry when carbon steel knives are exposed to blood anymore. The blood will no longer corrode the blade.

Fishing:  Wet your reel with Sweetshooter™ and cast. Repeat 20 times to build the film. Feel the difference! Reduces snagging, inhibits corrosion and increases distance. You may also want to treat the pole eyes and even the fishing line.

Protect your investment with the finest product available today!

Fast, Safe and Easy to Use!

The cleaner the bore, the more accurate your shooting will be. Sweetshooter™ sets a new standard of cleaning and lubricating your treasured guns. It is high-tech and unlike anything you've ever seen.
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