What does Tecrolan do?

Tecrolan treats the metal of bearing surfaces and dramatically reduces friction, thereby reducing the heat and drag. Your engine will run cooler and more efficiently, with greater fuel economy, less vibration, better compression, a greater margin of safety and, most certainly, a longer life.

Tecrolan reaches deep within metal!

Tecrolan is unlike conventional lubrication products. The resin in Tecrolan is of an extremely fine grind, submicron in size with the largest particles being 3 microns in size. It can be burnished into the microscopic pores of a metal surface where large particles could never reach.

Tecrolan protects without buildup!

Tecrolan creates a film inside the pore structure as well as a continuous micro-thin surface film. It is important to note that the film will not build up on itself so no tolerance changes will occur. This is especially important in treating hydraulics and pneumatics where tolerances are very close.

How it works:

Surface preparation is critical. This is the key to the success of dry film lubrication. It must become part of the surface it protects. If the pore structure is not cleaned out, a continuous film cannot be formed in an effective manner. The cleaning is accomplished by the carrier/solvent.

The carrier/solvent prepares the surface by dissolving carbon, varnish and dirt. In internal combustion engines, the microscopic metal particles that have worn away and become embedded in the pore structure are suspended in the oil. This combination of sludge and metal particles is removed with normal oil change. Since the solvent evaporates with engine temperature, it is necessary for an engine to run for a recommended period of time (usually one hour) before shutdown to complete the surface preparation. Since the film is burnished into the metal by reciprocity of opposing surfaces (ie: rings against the cylinder walls), a recommended amount of running time before changing the oil is required to complete the film.

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Daniel Horn
Gunsmithing Department
Murray State College
Tishomingo, OK

In regards to your product; Sweetshooter: we did some testing before and after using your product in two different rifles. Prior to testing, both guns were thoroughly cleaned and a fouling shot was fired through each gun. We then fired three rounds through each across the chronograph and the results were recorded. We then fired twenty rounds through each gun pulling Sweetshooter through the bore after watch shot. Three more rounds were then fired across the chronograph and the results recorded and checked against the first test. We did get an increase in velocity as you thought we would, but what was surprising was the decrease in deviation of speed between the rounds. Both guns were then cleaned by pulling a clean patch through the bore which came out almost as clean as it went in. It is our opinion that the use of your product will increase accuracy as well as aid in the ease of cleaning. We would recommend that every gun owner use your product.

Murray State College


Gun #1 Remington BDL Bold Action 22-250 with Federal Factory Ammunition

  Before: After:
Shot #1: 3706 F.P.S. 3687 F.P.S.
Shot #2: 3608 F.P.S. 3661 F.P.S.
Shot #3: 3587 F.P.S. 3670 F.P.S.
Average speed: 3634 F.P.S. 3673 F.P.S.
Speed deviation: 119 F.P.S.   26 F.P.S.

This shows a speed increase of 39 F.P.S., with a decrease in speed deviation of 93 F.P.S.

Gun #2 Mauser Custom Built Bold Action 30.06 with Hand Loaded Ammunition

  Before: After:
Shot #1: 2739 F.P.S. 2708 F.P.S.
Shot #2: 2738 F.P.S. 2693 F.P.S.
Shot #3: 2665 F.P.S. 2712 F.P.S.
Average speed: 2714 F.P.S. 2704 F.P.S.
Speed deviation: 119 F.P.S.   26 F.P.S.

This shows a speed increase of 10 F.P.S., with a decrease in speed deviation of 55 F.P.S. We believe the lower speed and speed deviation is attributed to the hand loads.


Daniel Horn
Tishomingo, OK

Date Palm Enterprises
Firearms & Accessories
Palm Desert, CA

Now that we have had some time to test Sweetshooter in depth on the 50BMG here are the results:

Fouling reduced by 75%
Barrel wear reduced by 30%
Accuracy - no real change that we could see
Pressure reduced by 8% tested
Muzzle velocity- reduced by 3% (due to pressure decrease)

RECAP: 2 new 416R SS Barrels on 50 BMG
1 with 500 round on it (A)
1 with 0 rounds on it (B)

TREATED: (A) Full scale 20 times
(B) 1/2 scale 10 times

After 500 rounds results were as follows:(Using bore slug test)

(A)barrel wear only <.002>
(B)barrel wear only <.003>

(B) Has 500 less rounds and treated 1/2 showed more wear.

Both guns shoot the same bullets, and loads, also cleaned the same.

In my conclusion, Sweetshooter retards barrel wear by 25%.

Also, gun (B) took more cleaning time to get clean. We use Bore Scope to completely check the bore all the way through.

Gun (A) the throat moved forward .200
Gun (B) the throat moved forward .250

Again wear was less when fully treated (as you say)

You have to realize that 50BMG gun barrels have a very short life span...no matter how clean you keep them.

Gun (A) has passed the life expectancy of 1000 rounds. It now has 1350 rounds, and still shooting .75 MOA.

I think you have a good product and time will tell. My next objective is to try this on the bullets themselves.

Stay tuned!!!

Steve M Lazzarini

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